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04 February 2016

5 Tips for Good Show Jump Off’s

There is nothing quite like the feeling of jumping a really good jump off and with the National Equestrian Championship being held at the Hyderabad Polo and Riding Club, knowing how to perform a perfect Jump Off can be a winning act. Always aim to be the horse and rider combination that jumps a good time, consistently using good technique, with a happy confident horse. You don’t want to be a person galloping round and thinking I’m lucky I made it. It’s not sustainable and it’s not possible over larger courses in tournaments

So what does it take for a good jump off?

  1.  Shorter lines

Look for the shortest lines that are reasonable for you to take.  Remember that you should consider how flexible your horse is and how experienced both you and your horse are. If you aren’t able to angle a fence then don’t. Always Practice first. Guidance, if needed, will be provided at the Hyderabad Polo and Riding club.

  1. Start and finish

Remember to cross the start and finish lines as close to line or the jump as possible. This may mean that you alter the most obvious line to the jump. But as advised, practice first. It’s not something you can master on the go.

Start and Finish

  1. Don’t lengthen or gallop

Remember that shorter lines and clear rounds win. Don’t go faster and longer on an ordinary track. You risk lengthening your stride and flattening into fences.

  1.  Let your horse jump

Keep your body as still as possible over the fence. Keep a light hip let your horse determine the amount of forward bend you need. This will help your horse lift through the shoulder and lessen the chance of a knock in front. It will also allow you a quicker recovery for a quick turn. Look in the direction you are going to turn when you are going over the jump. This will help you land on the correct leading leg.

let your horse jump

  1. Be organized and prepared

Plan your jump off course in advance. Rehearse it in your head time and time again. When you get into the ring you shouldn’t think – you should just do.

Horse riding is as much a mind game as it is about technique and being physically fit. In fact, you can be as fit as you like, and have the best technique in the world – but if you are not mentally in the right place you won’t be able to perform at your best. Hyderabad Polo and Riding club has some efficient trainers who can be of a great help if you’re looking out for some guidance. Or better, you can even be a part of the National Equestrian Championship

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