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Hyderabad Polo & Riding Club (HPRC) has been established in the year 2005 with a motto to promote Polo and other equestrian activities from the happening city of Hyderabad. During its journey of the first decade HPRC has won laurels by winning several tournaments across the country; Royal Western Mumbai and the Indian Open championship to name a few. Besides participating in Polo Tournaments outside our state, HPRC also conducts the National Polo Season in Hyderabad year after year, in which teams from all over the country take part

Besides Polo, HPRC started conducting / promoting Equestrian activities like Show Jumping, Dressage & Hacks ‎in different categories From the year 2014,

Situated two and half kilometers away from Exit # 18 of the ORR in the calmness of Aziz Nagar, Hyderabad Polo and Riding Club is an exclusive club which is spread across 12 acres.





13. 05. 2016

Hyderabad Polo & Riding Club (HPRC) Presents Arena Polo Tournament 2016 star....


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2016 2016

HPRC successfully hosted the inaugural National Show Jumping Championship in early 2016, with around 200 horses along with the country’s most prominent riders participated in the five categories for which competitions will be held. This triumph is a demonstration of HPRC testament to the sport and its development.

1949 1976

The establishment of Hyderabad Polo association formalised Hyderabad’s commitment to invest in the sport and its infrastructure the years to come.

1954 1954

With the progression of WW11 Hyderabad experienced a devastating set back with the redirectioni of the horses and utilisation of the polo ground for the war effortTop of Form.

1896 1896

Winston Churchill with his Polo teams visit to Hyderabad for a Polo championship was astonished to find such great displays of sportsmanship for the game of polo by local Hyderabad players and commended the city’s enthusiasm for talent for equestrianism.


2014 2014

HPRC has won many accolades for last couple of years including 2014 – Arena Polo Championship, 2013 – Mumbai Polo Season, 2012 – Indian Open Victory to note a few

2005 2005

HPRC construction and development solidified the commitment for renewed talent in the game and providing restoring the former achievements of past polo teams and propel the youth of Hyderabad to develop world class riding abilities and etiquette

1954 1974

AP riding club further revived the game in Hyderabad with extraordinary displays of talent and skill for the team thus establishing a reputation for the Hyderabad teams in the sport across the nation

1949 1949

With the progression of WW11 Hyderabad experienced a devastating set back with the redirection of the horses and utilisation of the polo ground for the war effort

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