An Interview with last year’s winner – Sahej Singh Virk

Winner of the National Equestrian Championship of 2015, Sahej Singh Virk is a 23 year old Equestrian who is very fond of Horses and has been riding horse since 4 years. When asked for this interview, he told us that his source of inspiration is his dad, an army personnel, who was also in charge of 300 horses in the regiment and his coach who motivated and helped him a lot in his course of riding a Horse.

Further in his interview he talks about his biggest strengths which are his Coach and the Horses on which he rides. His secret of winning the National Championship is his warm up session before the event and also, makes sure that the best food and supplement is given to the Horse.

His major excitement was the fact that he was the youngest among all the experienced competitors who participated in the National Equestrian Championship. His hard work and dedication surely did pay off in the ring and that too just at the age of 22 which was an achievement for him.

Apart from winning the championship last year, his favorite memory of his passion is when his team was qualified for Show Jumping Championship in Korea and not only that, they were also the youngest team who were qualified from India.

According to him, a Horse Rider before appearing in the ring must prepare and practice a lot as anything can happen in that 45 seconds. So his mantra is to stay cool and calm.

Appreciating the Hyderabad Polo & Riding Club, he adds that it’s a great breakthrough that HPRC hosts such National Level of Competitions being a private club, whereas most of the major riding clubs in India are owned by Indian Army.

He also believes that the future of Equestrian Sport is gradually developing, the best Riders are coming up and we will surely have ample of quality Riders, Coaches and Horses in couple of years.

Concluding the Interview he tells us that success never comes overnight, you might get the best Horse and trainer but you never know what will happen in the ring, and the beauty of this is that there is no consistency plan. Whatever happens in the ring is spontaneous. So the key thing here is practice, practice & practice with the best Horse and the Trainer