National Equestrian Championship 2016– An Interview with GUILL AUME MARCOTTE - HYDERABAD POLO AND RIDING CLUB

08 February 2016

National Equestrian Championship 2016– An Interview with GUILL AUME MARCOTTE

Guillaume Marcotte,  27 yrs old, has been riding horses since  he was 11 . He is a Rider and Trainer from France and is presently working with Team Marcotte of Banglore. He has won several titles like 6 Bar Jump in Europe, CM Show Jumping 2014 in India.  He told us that he has had a wonderful time working in India for 2 years.  He feels that the riding clubs here have a lot of potential, good quality of members and the infrastructure too

Guill Aume

When we asked him that why he started horse riding, he told us that one when he was visiting his brother in Germany, he got a chance to ride a horse which enticed him to start riding. And from then he has acquired 6 years plus of experience as a trainer.  He also claimed that there is not much of a difference between the horses as most of them are warm blood and are imported from Europe.

Horse riding has also had an impact on other aspects of his life. He has constructed a high level of self-confidence due to horse riding. The principal lesson he learned by riding a horse is that it taught him that you don’t achieve success very soon. You keep on practicing knowing that you won’t get the result right away and some day you will achieve success and that’s for sure. This is how you build a level of trust, confidence and patience as well.

He adds a point that for a club to be the best club, the key elements that are required are a good manager who can appoint a good coach, good horses and good trainers in a good atmosphere. Winning 6 bar jump in Europe is one of the best memories he has with his Horse. He also appreciates Hyderabad Polo & Riding Club, for hosting such National level of Equestrian Championship and says that it has every key element that a good riding club should have.

When we asked him where would he want to go with horse for a lifetime vacation, with a smile on his face he said that he would like to go on a Safari in Africa.

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