10 February 2016


National Equestrian Championship started successfully on the 3rd February 2016, organized by Telangana State Equestrian Association and hosted by Hyderabad Polo & Riding Club. The Nation’s Greatest, Most Seasoned Horse Riders gallantly showcased their talents with their magnificent horses in all forms and style, from jumping to riding, until the 7th February, 2016.

The championship began with preliminary jumping at the jumping arena on Day 1.  Preliminary jumping was all about endurance, the influence of the rider, and jumping capability of the horse.  The riders and horses performed exceptionally well.

Here are a few snapshots of Preliminary Jumping




Day 2 began with much enthusiasm and zest! The audience got bigger and louder. There were two events on the second day -Novice Jumping and Six Bar. In Novice jumping, the horses performed low level jumps as a preliminary start. Each equine performed exceptionally and it was a treat for the audience to watch.

Check out these pictures straight from the event

3rd day began with a splendid applause when our contestants began the event with Novice jumping.  It was a delight for the audience to witness riders on their galloping horses.  There were 3 different rounds of horse jumping in which each candidate performed to their best.

Here are the pictures from the event.


4th day started off with 4 jumping rounds for the equestrians where they had showcase their skills to their best.  Applauds didn’t stop and neither did our participants energy!

Here are the snaps!

On the 5th day, the jumping area was roaring with competitive spirit as it was the last and final day. Our equines and equestrians were all set to show their final feats and My, Oh My, was it amazing!
It was a treat for the eyes!

Check it out for yourself.

We also had Sahej Singh Virk who participated in the National Equestrian Championship 2016 and was one of the first winners and Guill Aume Marcotte , a trainer from France.  We had an exclusive interview with them at The Hyderabad Polo and Riding club where they spoke about their experiences, achievements and much more. Click the links given to read the complete interviews. – Guill Aume Marcotte – Sahej Singh Virk

The National Equestrian Championship 2016 started off with a bang and ended with a roar! The Hyderabad Polo and Riding Club congratulates all the winners and applauds for all the participants for performing exceptionally well.  Riding a horse is not easy, but with zeal and determination, a horse can become your best friend!
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