Riders Policy

The following rules and regulations have been adopted and will be administered by Hyderabad Polo and Ridding Club. It is the intent of HPRC to limit those rules and regulations so that everyone will obtain maximum use and enjoyment of the facilities. Enforcement of these rules and regulations will be primarily placed in the hands staff, whose principle responsibility is to assure you of all the courtesies, comforts and services to which you are entitled. It is the responsibility of those using facilities to know their rules and regulations and to cooperate in the enforcement of the rules.


The Members rules of HPRC in Aziz Nagar (thereafter called the Club) are designed to protect the rights and privileges of members of the Club, their families and guests and to protect club property. The rules have been formulated to acquaint the members of the Club with the services available to them and the proper utilization of the facilities.


  1. Member — With valid and verifiable payment to HPRC of the sum amount for membership are entitled to the enjoyment of the Common
    Area and club facilities.
  2. A spouse and children under 21 years of age shall be entitled to the use of club facilities.

3. Any person proceeded by the Club who are not in accordance with the policies outlinedwill be rescinded immediately. In addition, a fee equal
to the current members fee will be charged.

It is our mission to provide members and their guest an exceptional experience.


  1. Slow, unsatisfactory or improper service or any inattention to duty should be reported immediately. Complaints of all deficiencies in service
    will receive the immediate attention of the manager.
  2. We welcome all comments. Suggestions or concerns relating to the Club facilities or services should be brought to the attention of the
    Club Manager.
  3. Serious complaints regarding specific employees should be made in writing addressed to the Club Manager who will notify the Board of
    Directors and the complaining member of the corrective action, if any was taken.


  1. Members, transferees and guests shall at all times conduct themselves in an orderly fashion as ladies and gentlemen.
  2. Proper attire is to be worn at all times in accordance with acceptable practice for the particular area of the Club.
  3. Subscriptions, petitions, or notices not concerning Club affairs shall not be distributed or posted on any Club property without approval.
  4. Parents are responsible for the conduct of their children at all times.
  5. The cost of replacing any property of the Club, broken, damaged or removed by a member, transferee, guest or any member of their
    families shall be charged to the member or transferee concerned.
  6. No food or beverage shall be brought into the Club or consumed on Club premises unless purchased from the Club.
  7. Animals are not permitted
  8. The parking areas are marked in a manner which permits maximum use with a minimum of inconvenience. Anyone found parking
    improperly will be warned, but repeated infractions will result in the removal of the offending vehicle at the owner’s expense.
  9. Personal property should not be left unattended on Club property.

The Club is not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen property.

Terms of involvment

  1. All clients:
  • Must have completed a Riding Registration Form before riding a horse. This will be countersigned after the lesson by an instructor.
  • Must resubmit their Rider Registration Form if their details change (the responsibility falls to the parent/guardian if the child is under 18).
  • New clients are required to attend a mandatory Assessment/Introduction Lesson before being allowed to book anything else. This allows us
    to ascertain your riding level.
  • Previous clients returning to us after 12 months or more may be asked to complete another Assessment Lesson.
  • We reserve the right to refuse you to ride a particular horse/pony if we feel that the safety of the rider or horse is in question.
  • Instructors reserve the right to refuse to teach a client for any reason.
  • You reserve the right to request another Instructor subject to availability.
  1. Punctuality and arrival times:
  • Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of the lesson
  • We aim to run on time and stick to the timetable, but occasionally lessons may run over time for whatever reason, so please bear with us.
  1. Cancellations:
  • We operate a No Refund Policy. This is a condition of booking.
  • No credit or transfers are given for late cancellations.
  • Full fees are payable without exception, unless the relevant notice is given to terminate the lesson. Cancellation should be via telephone,
    text or in person. Please note we do not accept cancellations by email. 
  1. Purchases and redemption:

It’s a condition of purchase that:

  • The intended rider has no medical conditions that require doctors approval.
  • All bookings are subject to availability.
  1. Safety equipment and riding wear:
  • Every time you handle a horse you are required to wear the appropriate P.P.E (Personal Protective Equipment).
  • Riding Helmets:
    Must be worn and fastened at all times while riding a horse.
    Must be worn and fastened at all times while handling or a horse.
    We strongly advise all customers to purchase their own helmet as soon as possible.
    We recommend against purchasing second hand riding helmets in case they have been damaged.
  • Body protectors:
    We can provide body protectors subject to availability.
    We strongly recommend that you wear one whenever riding.
    This is especially important if you take part in jumping classes.
    We recommend you wear one whenever handling a horse.
  • Riding footwear: clients must wear appropriate footwear while riding.
    Allowed footwear:
    Jodhpurs boots
    Leather riding boots
  • Disallowed Footwear:
    High heels
    Hiking boots
  • We reserve the right to refuse footwear we deem unsafe
  • We recommend toe protection whenever handling a horse.
  • Jewellery: you should not wear jewellery of any kind, anything you wear you do so at your own risk. It’s the parents responsibility to check
    their child isn’t wearing jewellery.
  1. Extra visitors and/or friends of the family:
  • Children must be supervised at all times by a legally responsible person and remain seated and quiet whilst lessons are in progress and no
    to run around the gallery unsupervised.

Parents are advised not to leave your children unattended at any time.

  • If spectating, please remain as quiet as possible, and in full view of the horses/ponies & Instructor at all times, please do not use umbrellas
    as they can scare the horses.
  • Whilst spectating, the Instructor reserves the right to ask you to leave if they feel the safety of the rider or horse/pony is in question.
  1. General:
  • There are No Entry type signs and notices posted around the facility, you must acknowledge and obey them, ignoring them is at your own
  • Maximum speed 10kmph on the premises.
  • Movement of horses & ponies and farm equipment around the yard and surrounding areas is unavoidable and we ask you to give way to them
    at all times.
  • We reserve the right to ask you to leave the grounds at any time if we think you are a danger to yourself.
  • We can’t be held responsible for any damage to your transportation while on the premises/grounds.
  • We can’t be held responsible for damage, theft or loss of your personal property while it’s on the premises.
  • All animals are unpredictable, do not feed the horses & ponies at any time. Don’t enter any field, or paddock unless authorised.
  • RIDING IS A RISK SPORT– your choice to ride is voluntary. We take all reasonable care to provide suitable and safe horses and ponies
    for all our clients.
  1. Agreement of terms:
  • If you do not agree with any of our Terms and Conditions, then you do not have permission to enter the premises and any bookings are null
    and void. Our no Cancellation Policy applies in this situation. Because our Terms and Conditions are available online and on request at any
    time, you have every opportunity to read them before booking any activity and a refund will not be available on failure to accept them.

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